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I was trained as a physicist, getting a B.S. and Ph.D. from MIT. For many years I worked at Bell Labs, in Murray Hill, New Jersey, transferring to Agere Systems (since acquired by Triquint and LSI Logic), in Allentown, Pennsylvania when it spun off from Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs' parent company, since merged with Alcatel and recently acquired by Nokia) in 2002. In September 2003, I left Agere to enroll in the Science and Environmental Reporting Program (SERP, since renamed SHERP with the addition of "Health" to the name) at New York University, retraining as a science and technology writer. I've been working as a freelancer since January, 2005.

I live in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA. My wife, Alice White, in 2013 left her position as Chief Scientist at Bell Labs to chair the Mechanical Engineering Department at Boston University. Our older daughter is graduating from Smith and our younger daughter is at Bryn Mawr.

I was born in Los Angeles, California. My father and stepmother, and my brother and his family, still live in that area. I went to high school in Oklahoma, where my mother was going to medical school after divorcing my father. My mother lives in South Africa.

I enjoy singing and playing acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, mostly 70's-era rock and roll. From 2008 to 2015 I played bass and sang with the Five Cent Philosophers. There is a decent YouTube video of our performance at Maplewoodstock in 2013.

Our family often vacations at Lake Dunmore, Vermont.

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